Vice Results: National National Congress refuses to hold off Baghdad .. It is not logic-Maliki to go to Arbil

On: Friday 4/13/2012 9:45

Baghdad (news) .. He said MP / National Alliance / Haydar al-Shammari, the alliance refuses to hold any meeting or national conference outside the capital, Baghdad, and continues: “It is not logic that goes prime minister to Arbil.” 
said Shammari told the reporter (Agency news) to: that the holding of any conference or meeting in the Kurdistan Region will reject by the National Alliance, but would reject members on the list Alaracahayda, noting that… the capital of Baghdad, is the best place, which could solve problems in which, calling Shammari of the Kurdistan region to send a delegation negotiating authorized by the President of the Kurdistan region to resolve the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, which Avcaalha Kurdistan Alliance (to accused), and exclusively, Massoud Barzani and his deputies (ie, members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party). 
and Shammari: it is not logic that goes Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Arbil , being the Prime Minister of Iraq and not to the National Alliance, calling for Barzani to come to Baghdad that the president of the region which is part of Iraq, not head of state. 
He pointed out: that the crisis between Iraq and a coalition of state law will be resolved as soon as possible, as will the crisis in simple terms with Kurdistan, because of the Barzani its decisions. 
This has been president of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, he would call a meeting of leaders of political blocs after his return from his European tour to resolve the crisis, and in case of failure of the conference there will be a crossroads, this and rotate the differences significant between the blocks on the overall issues of oil and the political and territorial. / End / 1. n. r /