Vice Chairman of the Committee on Energy: Stop exporting Kurdistan oil will hurt the budget and serves the enemies of Iraq

On: Wednesday 04/04/2012 12:25

Baghdad (news) .. Warned the Vice Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Oil MP / National Alliance / Ali Fayad of the affected state budget due to stop exporting oil Kordestani being approved export capacity of oil, noting that the stop means a breach of the agreement raise the allocations of the current budget. 
said Fayad (of the Agency news) today Wednesday: The disposal of the Kurdistan Regional Government to stop exporting oil would upset the… nature of the budget being dependent on oil revenues and the agreement that led to the increase in allocations on the basis of the production capacity of oil of Kurdistan (100) thousand barrels a day, and this amount will be calculated for the region after obtaining the funds allocated from the budget. 
He added that this decision will hurt the general of the Iraqi people by increasing the budget deficit to more than scheduled, advising the Kurdistan Regional Government to reconsider its policy and does not consider the things lens tight, the fact that this work does not serve Sawa enemies of Iraq. 
The Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Oil parliamentary to: that the federal government Stltgo to the Constitution and what it entails of legal materials, as al-Faisal to resolve all differences and spare the Iraqi economy crises that have beset it. ended / 8. d. Q /