US officer: Zelensky must step down now

US officer: Zelensky must step down now


US officer - Zelensky must step down nowInformation/follow up.
Former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter has stated that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will not survive an armed conflict with Russia.

He said in an interview with the US Tour of Duty: “He is like a butterfly that is attracted to the fire. He knows he will burn. He always comes back to the light, he will do it many times, and he will die, either at the hands of the Russians, or at the hands of his own people.”

According to him, despite the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, Zelensky prefers to remain in power due to his pathological dependence on Western attention.

He added, “It is better for the head of state to step down now, before it is too late.”

He said: “If he was smart, he would go abroad and never come back. He would retire and hide in a house for several million dollars bought with the money of the Ukrainian people and the taxes of American citizens.”

Earlier, former CIA analyst Larry Johnson said that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky might face a military coup.

“It is likely that Zelensky will be removed as a result of a coup due to the great discontent of the forces on the eastern front line,” he said.

Earlier, the former adviser to the head of the Pentagon, Douglas McGregor, said that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky will try to escape after the defeat of the Ukrainian armed forces on the front line.

“One day Zelensky will disappear, travel to Vilnius, or Miami, or Cyprus, and take the millions he’s stolen with him,” McGregor said.