United Nations stands ready to provide support to the Iraqi Council of Representatives

United Nations stands ready to provide support to the Iraqi Council of Representatives to raise the efficiency

26/06/2012 14:43

Erbil, June 26 (Rn) – The team the United Nations Mission in Baghdad (UNDP) said Tuesday its readiness to sign a document of understanding with the Iraqi Council of Representatives to support him and raise its efficiency. The Regional Director of Mission Peter Batchelor readiness of the mission to provide a memorandum of understanding to expect between the two sides of in order to build bridges of communication and provide support for the Iraqi Council of Representatives. “And as well as providing technical advice and resources available to the Office of the Council in order to develop the work of his employees through their involvement in technical courses, scientific and identification of closely on the experiences of developed countries in the field of work of Deputies.” and came during a meeting Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mr. Aref Tayfur of the delegation of the international organization in his office in Baghdad. He Tayfur in a statement on the importance of informed Iraqi Council of Representatives on the expertise available to the parliaments of the world and to benefit from these experiences to enhance the performance oversight and legislative branches. and Tayfur during the meeting which was attended by Iyad pilgrim Namik Chief of Staff Iraqi Council of Representatives, keen Presidency of the Council of Representatives to hold the partnership for the exchange of experiences and the development prospects of joint cooperation and the need to communicate with the United Nations in all aspects. According to the statement, the two sides also discussed the problems facing Iraq on the water that started to deteriorate recently, where the two sides agreed on the need to establish a Council National Water to ensure that Iraq’s share of water through negotiation with neighboring countries, especially with Turkey and Iran. Abdullah Sabri

Source: aknews