U.S. plan to drain the Arab armies

U.S. plan to drain the Arab armies

16:31 08/01/2013

U.S. plan to drain the Arab armiesFollow-up – and babysit –
Reports Western intelligence, that the United States continue to implement the plan hit the Arab armies in Iraq, Syria and Egypt, the Arab countries with influence in the region and quoted departments and informed that Washington has succeeded in the use of the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist forces to implement the U.S. plan, and funded rings the plan from the funds of the Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Gulf rulers exploited illusions of leadership.

She said these intelligence reports that talk about the stages to come in a plot to destroy three Arab armies, now placed in front of the decision makers in Western countries and Israel.

It was reported that the so-called “winds of the Arab Spring,” which has engulfed the Arab region since more than two years contributed to “soften” the atmosphere surrounding Israel, and that the threats faced by Israel over the past years since its inception, is on its way to recede completely, and cuts in the budget of the Israeli army is no longer scary to decision-makers in Tel Aviv, in terms of what we are witnessing developments in the region are useful and convenient for Israel.

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