U.S. officials: Iran provides aid to “lethal” to Syria

04/03/2012 12:59


Arbil, March 4 (Rn) – U.S. officials said they see the hand of Iran in the brutal repression are increasingly on the strongholds of the opposition in Syria, including the evidence that the Iranian military and intelligence services provide support to the Syrian government accused of carrying out mass executions and other atrocities in the past week . As stated in the Sahikh Washington Post U.S.. He described the three American officials were able to get intelligence reports from the region, increasing to Iran of weapons and other assistance to the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad at a time when the system launches an attack unprecedented to crush the resistance in the main city of Homs.According to the paper. the paper quoted one official, who declined to be identified when discussing intelligence reports from the region, saying that “aid Iran is on the rise, and increasingly focused on aid deadly.” and the reports said U.S. intelligence “on the expansion of the Iranian role in the conflict, where injured recently Iranian man while he was working with the Syrian security forces inside the country. ” and the flow of military assistance to the lion at the time think about the Arab States of arming opponents of the regime, which increases the risk of wider conflict feared U.S. officials that spread to neighboring countries. In the opinion of The Washington Post that in addition to, the intelligence reports about Iran’s support increased to Syria comes in while seeking U.S. officials to drum up international support for efforts to oust Assad from power without resorting to arming the rebels, a move opposed by the Obama administration. made ​​no secret of Iran’s support for the Assad regime, although the President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the face of repeated calls for a peaceful solution to the conflict, which began about a year ago. men dressed in black and the assessment of U.S. intelligence in line with recent reports of rebel leaders, the Syrians, who say that Iran’s involvement in this campaign has escalated. As well as quoting a senior defectors from the Syrian army, that Iran had sent hundreds of advisers and security officials and intelligence agents to Syria, along with

money, weapons and electronic equipment for monitoring. said Ammar Abdul Hamid, an activist Syrian and a member of the Working Group at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a research institute based in Washington, “co-Iran campaign Assad on a much larger scale than previously thought.” The paper says that “there are stories that the Syrian forces was accompanied by black men Allhaaa speak a foreign language, it is assumed to be an Iranian widely in Syria for several months, but activists admit that they do not have little probative evidence which confirms that the Iranians are taking part in the attacks. said Omar Shakir, one of those who fled to Lebanon from the opposition stronghold of Bab Amr in Homs, about a week ago “We saw some evidence, but we do not We can prove, I have seen men tall, dressed in black. ” holding the Syrian army free seven Iranians were arrested in the city of Homs last December. Iranian government says they are workers, power plants, but the rebels say they were working for the Revolutionary Guards. with According to Iran’s Press TV, on Saturday, said a ten Iranian pilgrims abducted in January are still missing.  Magda Optimizer