U.S. lawmakers are demanding the investigation Chinese company sold electronic equipment to Iran, U.S.

U.S. lawmakers are demanding the investigation and the Secretary of the Treasury with a Chinese company sold electronic equipment to Iran, U.S.

Posted 27/07/2012 12:16 PM

(Reuters) – The 17 legislators and U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to investigate allegations that the ZTE. E. T China for the manufacture of communication equipment control system and sale of computer equipment to Iran, U.S..

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner
In a letter sent to Geithner wrote the members of the House of Representatives – the 16 of the Republican Party and one of the Democratic Party – “We urge your ministry and other relevant bodies to investigate the relationship between Z. E. T, Iran and take action if necessary to prevent companies that offer a helping hand to policies repressive Iranian regime from operating in the United States. ”

He cited the letter, dated on July 27 reports of the news published by Reuters in March and April, documenting how the Chinese company to sell sophisticated equipment, computers, American’s largest telecommunications company, Iranian and agreed last year to ship technology products U.S. $ million for a unit of a consortium dominated by the Iranian company. And attached copies of the speech reports Reuters.

A spokesman for the Chinese company “Z. E. T is fully committed to transparency and will cooperate with the ministries of America in dealing with any issues.”

A spokesman for the Treasury Tournament America that he “can not comment on the particular company.”

And increased the size of the letter from the troubles of the Z. E. T because of this.

Conducts Commerce Department investigation into the sales of Iran. In addition, the FBI began a criminal investigation into the allegations of the General Counsel of the unity of Z. E. T that the U.S. parent company deliberately cover up the sales, and between that and shredding documents after the publication of the first report, told Reuters in this regard.

Z had no comment. E. T to these allegations.

The letter to lawmakers that U.S. President Barack Obama recently issued two decrees Amnhanan the Treasury power to enforce penalties on companies that “violate or attempt to violate or conspire to violate sanctions against Iran and Syria.”

The letter said that it appears that Z. E. T “violated U.S. sanctions on Iran” by selling control system to the Iranian Telecommunication Company. The letter added that “it appears that Z. E. T conspired to violate the laws of more export ban,” by agreeing to sell computers, U.S. $ million for the unity of a consortium which is dominated by the Iranian Telecommunication Company. ”

The letter added, “We believe that the allegations contained in these reports are due in-depth look at you.”

Reuters reports that the computer equipment including hardware and software of the most famous U.S. technology companies including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Dell, Juniper Networks. Washington prohibits the sale of such equipment to Iran for years.

There is no evidence of the involvement of American companies in the shorts. And many of them began an internal investigation into the matter. And equipment do not fall within the American system of control that the Chinese company sold to Tehran, which can monitor communications via landline, cellular phones and the Internet.

The company is subject to an investigation by the Intelligence Committee in the House of Representatives whether the equipment is a threat to national security because of the ties that bind Z. E. T the Chinese government.
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