Trump is considering running for the next elections

Trump is considering running for the next elections

04/20/2021 10:18:15

Trump is considering running for the next electionsFormer US President Donald Trump said he is seriously considering running for the presidency again in 2024. He said this Monday evening during a press interview.

In a television interview with “Fox News”, Trump answered a question about his chances of participating in the upcoming presidential election race, saying: “I would like to say in the first place that this matter is still very far away,” noting at the same time that it is based on the election results The latter, in which he has garnered the votes of more than 75 million Americans, maintains a high level of support.

Trump stressed that he takes this idea seriously, and more seriously, “but from a legal point of view, I do not want this to spread until now.”

And former US President Trump said last March that he intended to make his final decision on the possibility of re-running for the presidency after the country’s midterm elections, which will be held in 2022.

Trump previously expressed confidence that Republicans have a chance to regain control of both houses of the US Congress after the 2022 elections, and announced on February 28 during a speech at the US Conservative Congress in Orlando, Florida, that he could participate again in the presidential race.