trade complained of the impact of timing of release of funds on the ration card

Baghdad, July 9 (Rn) – A committee of economy and investment representative, said on Monday that the Ministry of Commerce told her that the timing of release of funds by the Ministry of Finance adversely affect the smooth distribution of the ration card items.

He said the Commission’s decision Mahma Khalil told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “the Ministry of Commerce told us that the timing of release of funds by the Ministry of Finance caused delay in the distribution of the ration card items,” noting that his committee “demanded the ministry better streamline the distribution process.”

Khalil said that “the parliamentary economic committee believes that the financial allocations granted by the government in the supplementary budget of the Ministry of Trade Ministry’s claim is sufficient, although more assignments.”

The Iraqi government approved a bill last week, the supplementary budget worth reached 11 trillion Iraqi dinars, of which 1.4 was allocated to support the ration card items.

And return distribution system of food items according to the ration card to the Iraqi citizens to the year 1990, after the issuance of Resolution No. 661 on 6 August / August by the UN Security Council, who spent the imposition of economic sanctions against Iraq.

The majority of Iraqi cities witnessed demonstrations in protest in February 25 last year, to demand better vocabulary ration card, among other demands calling for the improvement of their reality of living and quality of services provided to them.