To protest the burning of its headquarters, the Democratic Party branch suspends its activities in Baghdad

To protest the burning of its headquarters, the Democratic Party branch suspends its activities in Baghdad

2022-03-28 08:21

To protest the burning of its headquarters the Democratic Party branch suspends its activities in BaghdadShafaq News/ The fifth branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Baghdad announced on Monday the closure of its headquarters and the suspension of its activities, in protest against the burning and destruction of property.

The party said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, “Last night, Sunday, March 27, large groups of people gathered in front of our branch headquarters in Baghdad in response to the publication of a tweet by the so-called Nayef Kurdistan, who expressed his personal opinion, and after these groups transgressed and insulted national symbols, Our party’s fifth branch building was set on fire and all office furniture and records of the headquarters were set on fire, as well as some documents and identities that were inside the offices were stolen.”

He added, “We affirm that the Kurdistan Democratic Party, a long-standing party in Iraq, has a long and honorable history of struggle alongside the Iraqi national parties, and it was and still plays a leading role in consolidating freedom, democracy and the political process in Iraq. general”.

From this point of view, and since the headquarters of our party was burned for the second time without taking the required protection measures by the security services, we decided to close the headquarters, preserve the evidence of assault and sabotage that occurred at the hands of these groups, and stop all the activities of the political and civil branch as an expression of the grievance of our party members and cadres. And the barbarity of those who disturb public order and encroach on civilian property until the government provides sufficient security guarantees for us to resume organizational and political work in it.”

He concluded by saying, “We reiterate our condemnation and denunciation of any transgression or abuse of religious references, and at the same time we condemn and denounce the attack on our headquarters, calling on all Iraqi national political forces to condemn these practices that are far from morals, values ​​and humanitarian principles to prevent their recurrence.”

Last night, protesters stormed the headquarters of the fifth branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Baghdad.

Today, Monday, Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani strongly condemned what he considered an insult to the religious authority, stressing that transgression against it is not a matter of the morals or behavior of the people of Kurdistan.

Barzani pointed to the arrest of the person who committed insulting religious symbols and was brought to the judiciary and will receive his just punishment, and at the same time strongly condemned the burning of the office of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Baghdad, which was repeated for the second time.

In his comment on the incident, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, had directed the detention of officers who failed in their duty and to isolate them from their duties, in order to enhance the spirit of commitment to duty.

Earlier today, an informed source told Shafaq News Agency, the commander of the First Division of the Federal Police was dismissed from his position and referred to investigation with a group of officers due to their negligence in their duties, as a result of burning the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Baghdad.