To cover the expenses of American proxy wars.. Biden calls for selling more weapons

To cover the expenses of American proxy wars.. Biden calls for selling more weapons


To cover the expenses of American proxy wars.. Biden calls for selling more weaponsInformation/translation..
A report by the American newspaper The Washington Times revealed, on Sunday, that the American President called on American arms manufacturers to obtain more customers and sell more weapons to cover spending on the American proxy wars in Ukraine and Israel, as the size of this spending, which the American President requested, amounted to 110 billion dollars.

The report, translated by the Maalouma Agency, stated, “Biden and senior Republicans have adopted a political approach that the American arms industry needs more customers and buyers, while the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, warned that democracy has begun to rust and is no longer any different from the Republican approach.” “Based on wars and American militarism.”

McConnell said, “Shipping old weapons and disposing of them by sending them to Ukraine is a good way to restart arms manufacturing companies again while the United States looks to renew its weapons to prepare for its adversaries,” according to his claim.

The report explained, “The manufacture of Patriot missiles takes place in the state of Arizona; artillery shells are manufactured in 12 states across the country – in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas, where Biden considered selling weapons and fueling American proxy wars a source of employment for thousands of workers in arms factories and serving the cause.” Freedom “the American way.”

For his part, William D. said: Hartung, an expert on the Pentagon and the arms industry at the Quincy Institute, said: “The jobs issue is clearly a political ploy to keep people under the illusion, and also for public consumption, where there is more skepticism, especially on the part of Republicans, and I think that is why Biden has become a mere “It’s a ridiculous joke and I don’t know if it will work or not.”

He pointed out, “The truth is that the investments we have made to expand production capacity under the pretext of responding to Putin’s escalation are helping American manufacturers produce more weapons that Israel and Taiwan need, and it is not as if the defense industry was backward. The United States has sold $200 billion worth of weapons.” to the world last year.