Theft of parts of several Iraqi aircraft parked in Jordan

Theft of parts of several Iraqi aircraft parked in Jordan

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Follow-up – and babysit –Iraq’s refusal to pay the dues owed ​​by a financial allowance to rent aircraft (Krajah) in Jordan for the aircraft during the Second Gulf War in 1991, and was due to many parts of the aircraft to theft.

The newspaper the way, that many parts of the Iraqi aircraft were vulnerable to theft, noting that… a delegation Iraqi technicians the preview over a year ago, and surprised that many parts of the aircraft has been exposed to theft, which prevented reaching an agreement with the Iraqi side on the ground to be pay for parking the aircraft in the airport runway, or even shipped to Iraq and evacuated from the airport. The Jordanian government is demanding Iraq regardless $ 1.2 million for each year in which the aircraft sat on the runway of the airport.

The one Iraqi aircraft stationed at the airports of Jordan among the many outstanding issues between the two sides, where the demand traders Jordanians receivables financial implications on the Iraqi side of about 450 million dinars for decades issued an official struck with the former Iraqi regime before the war, while the Iraqi government says that Jordan did not pay her dues of oil that Iraq, which is estimated at 300 million dinars for two months last six months of 2002 and the first four months of 2003, just before the occupation of Iraq and the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Sources told the newspaper that the central bank kept the Iraqi oil money in a special account under the law passed by the Council of Ministers then, and it refuses to disclose who was one of the reasons for the strained relationship between the two sides.

M. J