The United States accuses the Saudi authorities bombings of September 11

The United States accuses the Saudi authorities bombings of September 11




Palm – Two American former deputies face the finger to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in connection with an investigation atheist attacks th September where one of them pointed to a possible direct relationship between Saudi authorities and between some of the perpetrators of these attacks, according to reports seen by the media sources.

In these reports, said Florida Democratic Senator Bob Graham, who previously chaired the investigative committee of Congress in these attacks that he was convinced that there was a direct relationship between some of the terrorists who carried out the attacks of September 11 attacks and the Saudi government.

For his part, wrote former Democratic senator of Nebraska Bob Kerrey, who was a member of the Commission on September 11 that there are important questions remained unanswered, adding .. There are elements indicating possible involvement of the customers supposed to Saudi Arabia in the September 11 attacks has not been followed at all, come these words which have been made under oath in response to the Saudi authorities, which confirmed within the framework of the judicial investigation that they have been exempted himself from any involvement in the attacks.

The families of the victims welcomed the statements of former MPs said Beverly Barnett, the mother of one of the passengers on Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania that the families of the victims and survivors of the September 11 attacks did not lose hope in justice and we are determined to show the truth.

Barnett said in a statement that funders and partners who murdered our loved ones are still alive and able to support terrorism and the threads that lead to them tend always towards Saudi Arabia.