The Sadrist bloc: We will win the presidency with “comfort” with our Kurdish and Sunni partners

The Sadrist bloc: We will win the presidency with “comfort” with our Kurdish and Sunni partners

2022-01-23 06:58

The Sadrist bloc - We will win the presidency with comfort with our Kurdish and Sunni partnersShafaq News/ An informed source in the Sadrist bloc confirmed, on Saturday, that strategic alliances with Sunni and Kurdish partners are able to win the three presidencies and pass them comfortably, noting that the announcement of the formation of the new government will be soon if the Kurds agree on the candidate for the presidency.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, “The Sadrist bloc and its partners possess the required number of votes needed to form the government, and the political movement for its formation is proceeding in full swing, and as soon as the Kurdish forces agree on their candidate for the presidency, we will be very close to announcing the nomination of the candidate to head the government and its formation.”

He explained that “the Federal Court will issue a logical decision commensurate with the data presented to it, and therefore its decisions will be decisive, as all of this will not affect our strategic alliances with partners who support the program of a national majority government.”

He added, “Also, the issue of forming a government is progressing in full swing, and that the Sadrist bloc, being the largest because it has the largest number of parliamentary seats, has the right to nominate or put forward a candidate for prime minister, and thus the ball remains within the Sadrist bloc’s arena regarding that.”

The source added that “there are political parties trying to play the role of mediator to revive the Shiite house again, but this will not happen unless all the political forces affiliated with the strategic framework secure the government program that it seeks to implement to bring about a legislative revolution that guarantees the activation of service and investment projects that achieve the interests of Iraqis exclusively, as well as Advancement of economic and health aspects, as previous parliamentary sessions were almost suspended for these bills.

He added that “the pivotal point of contention between the Sadrist bloc and the coordination framework lies in the mechanism for naming the prime minister, as the framework seeks to be consensual, while the Sadrist bloc insists that he be a candidate for a national majority government, not consensual.”

He pointed out that “the movement between the partners is proceeding smoothly and that once the Kurdish brothers agree on their candidate for the presidency, the process of forming the government will be completed after the Sadrist bloc’s candidate for prime minister has been proposed, and all the procedures in this have been completed and there is little change in the presidency of Parliament and its belongings, as we can say in a more precise sense that Announcing the final formation of the Iraqi government is just around the corner.”

The court had postponed the deciding session on the legitimacy of the election of the presidency of the House of Representatives, to the twenty-fifth of this month.

And the court decided to stop the work of the Presidency of the House of Representatives elected in the first session of the House of Representatives until two lawsuits regarding the legality of the session are resolved.

The decision comes after two lawsuits filed by MP Basem Khashan and his colleague Mahmoud Daoud regarding the first session and its “illegality”.