The port of Umm Qasr receives three ships loaded with different

Friday, March 23 / March 2012 18:05

{Basra} Euphrates News received the commercial port of Umm Qasr south of Basra, three ships of different nationalities and a variety of tonnage according to a statement, media relations director in the company of Iraqi ports.

He said Anmar net Euphrates News Agency {} “The sidewalks port of Umm Qasr received a ship Bose Sino Singapore citizenship, which docked at Pier 5 390 tonnage container.”

“We also docked the ship on the pavement 8 Dubai UAE nationality payload container 465, while the pavement received 3 U.S. citizenship Ocean Krki payload equipment.”

He drew the net to that “port of Abu Flus commercial south east of Basra witnessed the export of new quantities of Iraqi dates and cattle loaded on board the vessel Korean nationality Express amounted to cargo (32) container dates and 100 tons of cattle and the ship in question had been docked at Pier 3 load 173 containers coming of the UAE. “

Basra is Iraq’s only port on the sea and the five commercial ports and two ports PB was added to them the port of floating oil export revenue service this month. Over 42.