The parliamentary economic: we fear that there will be more cons than pros in light of new laws issued

Tuesday, April 17 / April 2012 11:48

[Baghdad – where]

Expressed member of the parliamentary economic committee Nahida Daini fears that there are more cons than pros in light of new laws that were not issued if there is a step by the government of Iraq to build the house before that there will be decisions that affect the citizens, she said. “

She told all of Iraq [where] the day that “there is unconfirmed information about the smuggling of Iraqi currency… outside the country and the customs tariff could be used by traders, noting that” there should be cooperation by the government and pass a law to protect the consumer and producer with a customs tariff which will be very supportive of the farmers to produce crops. “

She explained that “the Iraqi market began to be affected by the situations in the Arab region.”

The House of Representatives approved the law of customs tariff in earlier last year, and was the main justification for the issuance of this law according to a statement of the Council of Ministers is to set tariffs in line with the reform of the Iraqi economy and the amendments of the many that have occurred in the law, the law provides for the levy of custom on imported goods is contained in the table of tariffs customs duties by not more than [20%] of its value, confirming that the samples and models that are not of commercial value exempted from customs duties, and took into account the law in the application of its provisions, the facilities afforded by the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006, as amended on imported goods For the purposes of investment projects exclusively, and comes with a view to attract the maximum amount of investment companies and businessmen to work in Iraq . ended 2