The open market or targeted; Approach will loose the economic condition of the country

people are interested in the economic reasons behind the decline of private sector growth to the existence of several obstacles put in the forefront of failure of laws and lack of compatibility with the growth policies pursued by Iraq at the moment,

at a time in which he stressed the Vice Chairman of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives the importance of having one vote representing all areas of the private sector, said economic expert, Dr. Kamal Basri, said the private sector contribution to GDP is still very low, explaining that the new Iraqi constitution passed on to the national economy depends on the open-market policies, while the state continues to sponsor the planned economy or totalitarian.

and the economy suffers from distortions disappeared his true form, and in Paragraph Twenty-fifth of the Iraqi Constitution that the national economy will pursue open-market policies in a move to bolster the private sector and reduce dependence on his year, see Orbiter that the private sector still suffers from the absence of real support which can be positioned to meet the rest of the sectors of government, or pay to compete with imported products, and this factor, according to Vice-President of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Mohammed Salman has led to the emergence of the importance of reviewing legislation law of the Iraqi economy, in a move to revive the private sector in particular, especially in relation to the laws of customs and taxes, consumer protection, labor law and social security.

Salman said during his speech for the (morning) on the sidelines of the seminar organized by the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform and discussed ways to develop the private sector: the Economic Commission stresses is constantly on the importance that there be one voice representing all components of the private sector, either side of tourism or industrial or agricultural, and this matter will heard voices that sector to the makers country’s economic policy in the executive and legislative branches, and then provide the maximum needs of the sector, especially the legislature. He Salman that all the seminars and conferences since 2003 until now seen among of calls to improve the reality of the private sector being set aside economically able to revive many of the facilities other development, particularly the eradication of poverty and unemployment, but those claims fell on deaf ears so far, and this is called by many economists to call for a strategy-governmental organization working to promote this sector and is working to provide a suitable ground for him.

and the view of economists that government policy aimed at supporting the private sector were not successful, and failed on several occasions, and this led to obtain immigration and wide for business and capital to invest abroad, at a time when Iraq is a dire need for the establishment of construction projects and strategic mission.

calls here Salman to the need to reconsider the overall economic process, and so they can be screened economic laws are careful and considered comprehensively to those laws which he said was the most disruptive to the process of development in Iraq, useful that what is happening now from the processors to some laws do not can come back usefulness of large economic reality, because the treatment is be incomplete without studies.

called Salman government to revise legislation, economic conditions in Iraq now, in a move aimed at reviving the national economy, stressing that promoting the private sector sponsor the elimination of many of the negative phenomena in society such as unemployment and poverty.

The government is seeking to restructure a large number of companies owned by it, in a move aimed at reducing reliance on the public sector according to the map by restructuring public companies, which have been prepared by a team unit tasks of Iraq on economic reform, and with the help of the advisers as prime minister, and the United Nations and the World Bank, and aims the map that I got the morning to copy them to promote the reality of industrial hand and to increase the gross domestic product, on the other, and the project on the rehabilitation of nearly 192 state-owned company by turning them into joint stock companies or mixed and strive to create an economic environment that enables the private sector to expand and restore the competitiveness of state-owned enterprises and encouraging them to achieve self-employment.

The head of the team restructuring, Dr. Abdul then Anbuge has pointed out (morning) earlier that the road map restructuring state-owned enterprises is a large project is intended to rehabilitate nearly 192 companies belonging to the state, employing nearly 800 thousand employees, which are mostly companies stalled and do not work only card 15 percent of its production capacity, and there is a large part of those companies depends almost entirely.

He Anbuge that the map working Bashqan includes the first qualification of these companies according to economic criteria advanced and improving their performance as the best, while the second part is a quest to turn these companies are not allowed the survival of the state the sole owner of these companies but allows the private sector ownership for being then converted into joint stock companies and allowing people to buy shares.

explaining that the time period prescribed for the transformation of five years, according to the budget of the estimated $ 100 million.

Although the government emphasizes the importance of the private sector in sustainable development programs, but the economic expert, Dr. Kamal Al-Basri said that this sector is suffering a lot because of structural imbalances in the structure of the economy in general, stressing that what has happened since 2004 until now, the best proof of departure the government’s economic approach aimed at developing the private sector.

said optical Speaking (morning): The public sector continues to grow at the expense of his own, and this is what confirmed by the proportion of gross domestic product, low to the private sector compared to counterpart the year, as well as the accumulation Cape Mali in the public sector grows larger than that determined by the visual, which confirmed that the investment environment for business in Iraq is not favorable, as they called to the preference of the investment environment in the countries of neighborhood and work there.

said visual that he and a group of economists crafted through a number of seminars organized by the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform, which oversees it, to build a national strategy unique to the private sector stems from its integration with the public sector and aims to build sustainable human development are distinct in the coming years.

The visual as well: If the State’s goal at the moment is human development in cooperation with the public sector, which should work according to this approach, the private sector’s role in the consolidation of this goal is to achieve the required development and upgrading of economic reality.