The new model for the distribution of ration card

04/04/2012 0:00

BAGHDAD – Wafaa Amer 
began the Ministry of Commerce distributed model of the ration card new citizens in their home areas across the country, which covers the shares of months, years 2012 and 2013. 
An official source at the ministry of the “morning” that “the Ministry of Commerce opened in coordination with the municipal councils and local administrative units Centers for the distribution of the new model of the card in residential areas across the country in order to… facilitate the receipt by the citizens without review branches of the ministry, “explaining that the new model of the card covers the shares of the family’s (24) months, starting from January 2012, and contains the signs and special features prevent the fraud and manipulation. 
The source added that the distribution centers calls for citizens to provide the identities of civil case, the original and photocopied for family members listed on the card as well as citizenship certificate and card housing for head of household condition for the receipt of the card, along with delivery of the old card, warning that the ministry prevented the fulfillment of any amounts against the card new. 
He said the distribution covers more than 5 million families in Baghdad and the provinces registered under the ration card system, while the Ministry continues to implement mechanisms to withhold the ration for the citizens prosperous over the salaries of one million five hundred thousand dinars, calling on ministries and departments all to cooperate with the ministry by sending the names of employees who increase their salaries to the said amount to the Department of Planning and logistics with a view to including them in shadowing.