“the most serious cases of manipulation of public money” in the Rafidain Bank

Integrity reveals what she called “the most serious cases of manipulation of public money” in the Rafidain Bank in Basra

05/07/2012 12:34

Erbil, July 5 (Rn) – The Integrity Commission on Thursday it was considering the competent courts in cases of corruption in Basra, one of the most serious cases of manipulation of public money allocated to it by the Office of the Integrity Commission in the province. According to a statement of the Commission. He said the statement posted on the official day that “the facts of the case indicate that the Director of Rafidain Bank branch of Basra, the second (b. p. g) The collusion with other employees, regardless loans for transactions and fake and forged documents were amounts of total (38 billion) dinars. ” According to the Integrity Commission in its statement that “the audits and review the files of credit revealed that the procedures for granting such loans made during the years 2006, 2007 and 2008 and said that a review of documents showed that the bank’s administration has taken no action to recover the loan amounts, despite the expiry of the legal deadline to start Steps of payment. ” The auditors noted that the processes of manipulation carried out through (226) Treatment of Credit and under contract to rent housing forged documents and other Mstlvin illegal. According to the Commission. and drew investigators attention to the transactions of credit promoted the names of people without their knowledge, and said that many of the borrowers ghost and sponsors others filed complaints against their knowledge of loans against them.revealed Reviews auditors of documents and receipts receivable and payment to (20) billion dinars have been met from the total amount of loans As is still the fate of (18) billion dinars unknown. this judicial sources did not rule out the involvement of parties outside the bank’s lending operations in arranging placebo and the acquisition of state funds in collusion with the bank manager and some of his staff. According to the statement.  RN LLC

Source: aknews