The launch of a new network to control the Iraqi rail via computer

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Web site that the U.S. Embassy and the Iraqi Republic Railways has celebrated the launch of a new system to control the conduct of Trains via computer and microwave radio communications network in Iraq.

This project was sponsored by the Embassy and in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Transportation in coordination with the Iraqi government in the manner provided for in the Strategic Framework Agreement.

Said Acting Assistant U.S. Embassy Brian MacPheeters “The transfer of ownership of this project to the Iraqi government represents the culmination of cooperative efforts that began in 2005 and control system at the moment provides an important sector of the Iraqi Transport operational safety.”

Adding, “The Iraqi railway system has become for the time being equipped with the basic ability to participate not only in the local movement of goods and passengers, but also in promoting international trade.”

“The Network is made up new control system, computer animation and a central office and database-pointer of the tracks. The communications network consists of 33 transmission tower microwave radio stretches the limits of Umm Qasr in Basra to an area Rabiah on the Syrian border project also includes training of 18 Iraqi engineer who will become operational the full system.