The Iraqi National Alliance welcomes postponement of National Conference

05/04/2012 09:39

Baghdad, April 5 (Rn) – welcomed the Iraqi National Alliance, on Thursday, the decision to postpone the National Congress is expected of the political blocs to further notice, in order to end the political differences between the blocks, indicating that the conference was held at this time will not come out with something positive and wisdom postponed. The head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Osama Najafi announced yesterday not to… hold a national conference on Thursday, as announced to the wide political differences between the major political forces. He was President Jalal Talabani has called for a national conference was held in the fifth month of April this to resolve differences political, but the accusations put forward by Hussein Shahristani, the deputy head of Wazzra and leader of the State of Law coalition, led by al-Maliki to Kurdistan region on oil smuggling led to the worsening crisis, fundamental. The MP said the coalition of state law, Khalid al-Asadi told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “the National Conference the benefit of all the political blocs and is essential in this period, but we are keen that the conference will be held on a clear vision and an agreed agenda. ” said Asadi said the “Select date for the conference is subject to the president and his deputy,” likely be postponed for several times the levels of interest during the day is limited until the completion of work of the Preparatory Committee, “noting that” the delay is linked to the agenda that you are working on completing the Preparatory Committee, and there are new proposals on the table concerning what put on the agenda needs to reach the final understandings about it. “and called for al-Asadi, “the political blocs to not be a ceiling of its demands high by political blocs in order to reach the paper finally discussed in the National Congress. ” In turn, an MP from the Sadrist movement, Jawad al-Jubouri’s (Rn) that “the time factor is very important for as long as there is an intention to meet and contain the crisis and resolution time may be positive and the delay in the interest of the blocks.” He Jubouri that “if entered the political blocs to the meeting atmosphere tense and a working paper unregulated, it is natural that there will be output positive,” adding that “the crisis between Arbil and Baghdad, one of the reasons that prompted the postponement of the conference up to end the dispute between the parties.”He said, “We we seek to narrow the circle the differences between the political blocs do not want to Nstahb a new crisis, because this issue affects the course of the conference, and it was prudent to postpone the National Congress. ” Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said during his press conference last Sunday that from Aahoudr of the political blocs to the national meeting I mean he wants thwarted. From: Yazan al-Shammari, the Open: the fulfillment Zangana