The Iraqi Council of Ministers takes five new decisions

The Iraqi Council of Ministers takes five new decisions

2022-01-05 05:44

The Iraqi Council of Ministers takes five new decisionsShafaq News/ The Iraqi Council of Ministers ended, on Wednesday, its regular weekly session, headed by the Speaker of the Council, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and voted on five new decisions.

Al-Kazemi’s media office said, in a statement received by Shafak News Agency, that the latter chaired, today, the first regular session of this year for the Council of Ministers, in which the developments of events in the country were discussed, and topics on the agenda were discussed.

According to the statement, the Cabinet session witnessed a review of the epidemiological report, the measures taken to confront the Corona pandemic, and the developments of the work of the Committee to Strengthen Government Actions in the areas of prevention and health awareness control; To limit the spread of the virus, the Ministry of Health plans to provide treatments and secure vaccines for citizens.

He continued, that after discussing the topics on the agenda, the Council of Ministers issued the following decisions:

First / Approval of the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Energy (149 for the year 2021), as follows:

Amending Cabinet Resolution (14 of 2021) to become as follows:

– (The Ministry of Oil is preparing the financial support for the project to implement transmission lines (Rumaila Investment Station, Dhi Qar Compound Station, Al Faw Station 400 KV, Shatt Al Basra Gas Station, Al Hartha Thermal Station, and Al Qurna Station 400 KV) from the Ministry of Finance’s share of The proceeds from the sale of the exported petroleum products collected with the Petroleum Products Distribution Company due to the importance of the project), and authorizing the Ministries of Finance and Planning to provide the ceiling for allocation by transfers from other spending entities; The project has been duly included in the Ministry of Planning.

Second / Approval of the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Human Development (14 of 2021) regarding the approval of the strategy for administrative reform in government departments prepared by the committee concerned with (preparing a strategic plan for administrative reforms in government departments and their institutions, and simplifying forms of procedures in government departments that affect people’s lives) Composed under the Diwani Order (18 of 2021), attached to the book of the Ministry of Planning, No. 22122/1/4, dated September 12, 2021.

Third/ The financing and implementation structure of the Dhi Qar Refinery investment project is approved according to what was stated in the Ministry of Oil letter No. (f/6) dated January 4, 2022, and authorizes the companies of the Ministry of Oil to complete contracting procedures, and to grant the necessary licenses and approvals to start implementing the aforementioned project.

Fourth / Approval of the request of the Ministry of Water Resources, excluding the project of rehabilitating the building of the joint Iraqi-Turkish water research center from the instructions for implementing government contracts and the general budget, and rehabilitation works for the guest house and other requirements, which include furniture, appliances, equipment, and hospitality costs, provided that the center bears National Water Resources Management, one of the Ministry’s formations, rehabilitation and work costs.

Fifth / Approval of the issuance of Regulation No. 1 of 2022, the Third Amendment Law of the Protocol No. 4 of 2016 based on the provisions of Clause (Third) of Article (80) of the Constitution, and Article (3) of the Protocols Law (26 of 2000) ).