The Iraqi Council of Ministers issues 6 decisions, the most prominent of which are solutions to the housing crisis

The Iraqi Council of Ministers issues 6 decisions, the most prominent of which are solutions to the housing crisis

September 23, 2021 12:35 PM

The Iraqi Council of Ministers issues 6 decisions the most prominent of which are solutions to the housing crisisMubasher: The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, presided over the thirty-sixth regular session of the Council of Ministers, in which he discussed the latest developments in the country, discussed issues on the agenda, and issued the necessary decisions and recommendations regarding them.

The session witnessed a review of the epidemiological report of the Corona pandemic, and the developments in the work of the Committee to Strengthen Government Actions in the Fields of Health Awareness Prevention and Control; To limit the spread of the virus, and discuss the efforts of the Ministry of Health and its health and preventive measures; To confront the pandemic, and to provide vaccinations to citizens through vaccination outlets.

In its session, the Council of Ministers discussed the housing problem that Iraq has been suffering from for decades, and in order to find the necessary solutions to it, in terms of securing adequate housing for citizens, and creating new cities in the governorates.

The Council of Ministers issued a resolution to solve the housing crisis that included 10 items; It stipulated that the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works shall distribute residential lands to all citizens in the new cities that are produced by the ministry, in accordance with Cabinet Resolution (70 of 2019), in all Iraqi governorates except for the region within the (Dari) initiative, and not include the citizens who previously That they acquired a plot of land in accordance with the laws or decisions in force under the provisions of this resolution.

The Council of Ministers directed the adoption of the electronic program supervised by the Council of Advisors, as a mechanism for differentiating between citizens to obtain a plot of land and to choose those included, and to announce their names on the basis of the total points they obtained in each governorate, and in the form of meals according to the plots of land that are completed, and that the The Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works, forming technical committees in each governorate; To check the data of the applicants, through the window that will be allocated to each committee within the electronic program.

And it was decided that the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works, in coordination with the National Investment Commission or the investment authorities in the governorates, announce investment opportunities for the development of new cities, and the establishment of infrastructure in them and all service and recreational facilities in these cities.

The decision also included that the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works, in cooperation with the Board of Advisors, prepare mechanisms to attract developers or investors to each new city, ensuring that it becomes attractive cities for housing with integrated infrastructure, services, entertainment, health, and others, with forms of opportunities Working without the state treasury bearing financial burdens, and setting controls that oblige the developer or investor to implement all public service facilities within the new cities, and hand them over to the concerned sectoral authorities, and grant them the right to benefit from commercial and industrial service areas, part of the residential lands, and a percentage not exceeding 30% One of the schools located within the new cities, in accordance with the provisions of the Investment Law No. (13 of 2006), its amendments, and the regulations and instructions issued pursuant thereto.

The decisions to solve the housing crisis also included that the ministries of finance and agriculture commit themselves to completing the procedures for transferring ownership of the lands of new cities whose designs have been approved, from the General Directorate of Urban Planning and located outside the boundaries of the basic design, to the nearest municipal institution in preparation for its inclusion in the future expansion of that municipality. Or the creation of other municipalities in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Administration Law No. (165 of 1964) as amended.

The eighth item of the decision stipulated that the Ministry of Justice, through the real estate registration departments, open notes for real estate registration for new cities, and take the necessary measures to issue Tapu bonds for the parcels of land in these cities with the names of the citizens whose names have been announced, and that municipal institutions in the governorates open a municipal department specific to these new cities; To facilitate the procedures for registering residential lands in the names of citizens and providing them with municipal services, and finally for the Real Estate Bank and the Housing Fund to take the necessary measures; To provide long-term soft loans to citizens; To build their housing units in new cities.

The Council of Ministers completed the discussion of other topics on the agenda, and issued 5 other decisions; It included the approval of the recommendation of the Ministerial Council of Energy (131 for the year 2021) regarding the amendment of the decision of the Ministerial Council for Energy (117 for the year 2021); To be according to the following: The Ministry of Oil/Oil Products Distribution Company continues to pay the dues of the two companies (Kar and Qaiwan) for the two tripartite contracts, according to the Council of Ministers’ decision (144 of 2021), and the Ministerial Council of Energy’s decision (88 of 2021), in light of the scarcity of financial allocations. The Ministry of Electricity until January 31, 2021.

The decision included that, at the end of the extension period from the Ministry of Electricity, the condition of the existence of economic feasibility to continue the contracts set forth in paragraph (2) of the aforementioned decision, and the Ministry of Electricity undertake the preparation of sufficient financial allocations; To pay the energy purchase dues from the various contracts, and to realize the allocation; To pay the debts owed by the Ministry of Electricity; In the interest of the Ministry of Oil for the value of what was paid during the previous periods, according to the relevant decisions of the Council of Ministers and the Ministerial Council for Energy.

In its third decision during the session, the Council of Ministers approved the allocation of the Ministry of Finance 250 million dinars to the Ministry of Migration and Displacement from the emergency reserve, based on the provisions of Article (5) of the Federal Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year / 2021, and adding it to the chapter on relief and social aid. Or the aforementioned ministry budget sections as administrative expenses.

In the fourth decision, he agreed to donate the damaged and damaged materials that are included in the records of delisting, attached to the attached letter of the Independent High Electoral Commission, No. (Kh/21/R.M/195) dated September 18, 2021, which are in the warehouses of the Independent High Electoral Commission. In Baghdad and the provinces, with a book value of 5.7 billion dinars, to the Military Industrialization Authority; This is due to the needs of the aforementioned authority, according to what was stated in its book No. (Q/700) dated September 16, 2021.

The Council of Ministers decided that the Ministry of Finance will adhere to the General Budget Law and the Federal Financial Management Law (6 of 2019), and the decisions of the Council of Ministers when preparing instructions for implementing the budget law for the coming years, provided that the mentioned instructions include legal texts that facilitate only the implementation of the provisions of the budget law, without addressing external matters. On the budget texts, including the issue of gifting, provided that these external matters are organized with unified, fixed instructions to avoid repetition in the budget implementation instructions each year.

In the sixth decision, it was approved to amend the Cabinet Decision (163 of 2021) regarding the adoption of the baseline for the new Iraqi territorial sea, and the adoption of the ( R ) coordinate instead of the coordinate agreed upon in the minutes of the meeting held on June 21, 2021, at the headquarters of the Ministry external; In order for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deposit it with the United Nations.

It was decided to send an alert to the technical committee in charge of drawing the baseline for the Iraqi territorial sea; To be meticulous in their work.