The government denies the request and with the mediation of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Qatar

19/04/2012 0:00

BAGHDAD – Tariq al-Araji, 
the government denied the request of the Kuwaiti side mediated with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords “morning”: “So far there is no mediation to improve the atmosphere with these countries not only from the State of Kuwait and others, especially that there is some kind of problems among these countries within the system in the Gulf.” And quoted a Kuwaiti newspaper yesterday , on the sources and described Palmqrbh of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s “willingness to play a Kuwait role to settle disputes between Baghdad on the one hand, Saudi Arabia and Qatar on the other hand, where he said Hussein al-Shami:” The aggravation of internal differences are caused by differences Iraqi government, with some regional countries, ” He pointed out that “the positions of these countries against al-Maliki may encourage some Iraqi parties more of a challenge and confrontation with the prime minister,” calling at the same time the State of Kuwait to play a role in the settlement of disputes between Baghdad on the one hand, Riyadh and Doha, on the other hand, stressing that the relationship with Kuwait became the outlet for Iraq’s political in its relations with the Gulf Cooperation Council. 
said Keywords that “escalation by Saudi Arabia and Qatar is not due to a problem of diplomacy, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry with evidence that this diplomacy succeeded in Iraq’s relations with other countries and policy between two countries is not determined character of ambassador, and had a particular role is bigger than that and Ambassador working on the light and the basis of an understanding and a relationship that is at a high level of interaction. ” 
He continued by saying: “The issue with Saudi Arabia and Qatar have become chronic and not an emergency in the period that followed the Arab Summit in Baghdad, and perhaps the success of the summit, the effects of allergy the role of Iraq and its political weight in the Arab region and the role that marks him a lot of maturity and strength and restore the role of Iraq and no doubt there are countries trying to benefit from the change in the map of the Arab League and the driving force in and fill these voids by other countries and there is political competition between these countries in an attempt to take the role left by other countries because of circumstances such as Egypt. ” 
 Therefore, although the positions of Saudi Arabia and Qatar were undeclared strongly towards Iraq and pointed out that “these positions do not correspond to the Iraqi position, which affirms and insists he is trying to build positive relations with these countries and clearly and transparent manner, also in line waiting for the positions of these two countries. “