The first tanker leaving the port to export the new oil in Iraq

13/03/2012 18:49

Iraqi oilErbil, March 13 / March (Rn) – sources said that the first tanker of oil left floating platform new off the coast of southern Iraq on Tuesday Muftthh new course expects Baghdad to increase its exports to record levels. and began tanker Maersk Hirado download from new port on Thursday. said two sources from the South Oil Company said the tanker, which left on Tuesday carrying two million barrels of oil for delivery in North America, suggesting that the new port raise Iraq’s exports by more than 300 thousand barrels per day. and the port is the first that has been run from the four ports of export capacity projected for each of them 850 thousand barrels per day and will increase the export capacity of the country to more than double. The Leighton Holdings to build the Australian ports. And delayed operation of the port first weeks due to bad weather in the Gulf.Over the decades, influenced by Iraq’s oil production weak infrastructure by war, sanctions, and lacked the energy export enough to coast on the Gulf. said Iraq’s oil minister said this month that production exceeded three million barrels per day for the first time since 1979. and Iraqi oil official said on Monday that is expected to exceed the average exports 2.3 million barrels a day next month, achieving a record level for the period after the war and up from 2.01 million barrels a day last month.Iraq announced plans in recent years to increase production rapidly concluded huge deals with international companies and targeting production of up to 12 million barrels per day in the long run. While most analysts say the industry that this goal too ambitious, the increase in production to lesbian to reach six million barrels per day seems more realistic and will make Iraq the second largest oil producer in OPEC after Saudi Arabia and one of the largest sources of new oil in the world in the coming years. Open: Abdullah Sabri