The Electoral Commission reveals to Shafak News the details of the special vote

The Electoral Commission reveals to Shafak News the details of the special vote

2021-09-18 09:01

The Electoral Commission reveals to Shafak News the details of the special voteShafaq News/ The Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq revealed today, Saturday, the details of the special voting for the early parliamentary elections.

Commission spokeswoman Jumana Al-Ghalai told Shafaq News Agency, “The special vote for the security services, the displaced, and the prison inmates, will take place on October 8, through the biometric card exclusively.”

And she indicated that “2584 special stations for the armed forces will be opened at the headquarters of military and security units throughout the country, 309 stations for the displaced, and 7 stations for prison inmates in five governorates, namely Dohuk, Wasit, Muthanna, Maysan, and Sulaymaniyah.”

And she added, “The prison inmates who are included in the vote are those who have served less than five years in prison, and the special ballot paper is different from the general voting paper, and their electronic cards are different from the ordinary citizen’s card, because there is a special code for it, and it includes all stations.”

Al-Ghalay pointed out that “in each polling station, there will be a guide that will help the voter search for his governorate and vote within his electoral district, according to his geographical location known to the commission and its organs, and that after the voter has finished the special vote, his electoral card is closed and he is not allowed to vote again.”

And she added, “Special voting voters from the armed forces and security institutions, who are new affiliates, specifically since 2018, who are biometrically registered, must review the registration center for the purpose of receiving their biometric cards for the armed forces, which bears the code (50), and they must review their registration centers to receive the new card. and previous delivery.

The spokeswoman concluded her speech by saying, “As for those who were affiliated with the security forces and were referred to retirement or left the security and military institution, they are biometrically registered and have cards, they should review their registration centers, for the purpose of receiving their cards, as they have switched from private voting to public voting. “.