The coordination framework sets out options to get out of the “political blockage”

The coordination framework sets out options to get out of the “political blockage”


The coordination framework sets out options to get out of the political blockageToday, Wednesday, two deputies from the coordination framework identified options that they said “contribute” to getting out of the political impasse and the crisis in the country.

The coordination framework includes the “Al-Fateh Alliance, the State of Law Coalition, the State Forces Alliance, the Ataa Movement, and the Virtue Party.”

In an interview with Alsumaria News, MP Jassem al-Moussawi said that “there are two options to get out of the current crisis, the first of which is to form the largest bloc of the Shiite component, and it is subject to negotiation, which is the safest solution to end the crisis.”

Al-Moussawi added, “The second option is for the rest of the political forces to read the political scene correctly, and work to correct matters in a way that serves Iraq and the political process and ends the political blockage.”

He continued, “We have great optimism and complete confidence that the first option will be the closest to achieving and the safest through the unification of the Shiite component and the formation of the largest bloc.”

For his part, the representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Muhammad Karim Al-Baldawi, said in an interview with Alsumaria News: “In the event of not working to give priority to the higher interests of the Iraqi people, taking into account the entitlements of the components and their unity, and the survival of the political map in its current form, and as happened in last Saturday’s session, the process of exclusion, marginalization and expulsion.” For the forced components and political blocs, the Wednesday session will remain open and nothing will be achieved, and we will not take a step forward.”

Al-Baldawi added, “The caretaker government will remain until understandings are reached that bring together the Iraqi people with all its components,” adding: “We are with representation in a majority government, not an exclusionary government, and we do not want to divide or divide the components of the people and alienate some of them, so how would a government be? A majority in which not all political spectrums are represented.