The coordination framework ends its meeting and issues a 4-point statement

The coordination framework ends its meeting and issues a 4-point statement

Posted, 2022-04-02

The coordination framework ends its meeting and issues a 4-point statementProceeding from the legitimate, national and moral responsibility entrusted to it, the coordination framework is still ready for serious and constructive dialogue with all blocs and independents to get out of the political blockage. And the only one affected by it is the Iraqi people.. Accordingly, the framework announces its vision to address the political blockage, which is based on several foundations that we list below. The framework will present its details in its dialogues with the political forces and summarize them as follows:

1. Commitment to the constitutional terms and registration of the bloc with the largest number of parties to ensure the right of the component and the completion of the national entitlement for the other components of the three presidencies, within a unified vision in which the framework and its allies, the Sadrist bloc and its allies participate.

2. After announcing the most numerous bloc, the candidate for the position of Prime Minister is agreed upon according to the required conditions and criteria such as competence, integrity and independence, and that will be through a joint committee of the coordination framework and the Sadrist bloc

3. Agreeing on the government program within a specific time limit to be agreed upon. Those who wish from the winning blocs that adhere to the program participate in managing its implementation. Those qualified to run the country are nominated, provided that they are characterized by competence, integrity and competence.

4. The opposition within the House of Representatives shall monitor the government and hold it accountable for its mistakes and transgressions. The opposition is empowered to carry out its work correctly and is protected in accordance with the law.

We repeat our call to our brothers who rejected our repeated calls for cooperation in righteousness and piety, and we urge them to place the interests of the nation and citizens above partisan and factional interests.

God grants success .

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