Talabani, head of the summit of Baghdad and al-Maliki as the Iraqi delegation

18/03/2012 09:46

March 18 / March (Rn) – A parliamentary source official today, Sunday, that of the heads summit Baghdad is Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, while the delegation is headed by Iraq’s Prime Minister of the Federal Nuri al-Maliki, accompanied by six ministers from his government. said Riad al-Zaidi is the Iraqi parliament that “this What followed all the Arab countries in the head peaks, indicating that.. President Jalal Talabani participated in a number of Arab summits and was then head of the delegation of Iraq. “The Arab summit in Baghdad is a historic achievement a significant contribution in restoring Baghdad to its natural politically, economically and socially at the regional levels, especially in the current period, which is the first summit after the creation of the spring the Arab and regional and international changes, especially as there will be several peaks again be chaired Baghdad, an extraordinary Arab summit, and the Arab summit in common with the Latin American countries. ” He al-Zaidi, “it was agreed to discuss the five items related to spring the Arab and the integration of joint economic and standardization of media discourse to achieve these goals, in addition to an item on the Palestinian cause and support of Jerusalem, as well as the development of the structure of the Arab League, and discuss the item Iraq’s proposal on combating terrorism, and calling on all Arab countries to sign the Arab Convention to combat it, ” adding “We hope that the available sincerity to be the summit of the most successful Summits, especially as it came after the great labor of the peoples of the Arab dictatorships, and after the success of the Arab peoples to topple authoritarian regimes.” From: Sarah Ali, the Open: Fadi Zeidan