Talabani and Maliki stressed the need to resolve problems in accordance with the Constitution

Source «morning»: Talabani and Maliki stressed the need to resolve problems in accordance with the Constitution

18/07/2012 0:00

Jaafari Shaways meet after the meeting .. Paljmala and al-Issawi and expectations of a positive announcement within days
BAGHDAD – Alaa al-Tai – Omar Abdel-Latif
, a political source told the “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,” said President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki agreed to work together to resolve dilemmas with the blocks according to the dialogue and uphold the Constitution.
The source, who asked not to be named: “The phone call with Maliki, Talabani conducted to check on the validity of the latter, which was to emphasize the importance of dialogue and differences and leave the work to provide services to citizens. ”
He did not mention the source when to hold the connection, but he stressed that a bilateral meeting held by President of the Republic and the Minister as soon as I return to the homeland.
President Talabani, who is in Germany of convalescence after undergoing successful surgery, had confirmed the confidence to resolve the outstanding issues in Iraq.
In the meantime, Prime National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Deputy Prime Minister with the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Rose Nuri Shaways outstanding issues between the political parties.
The Information Office of the President of the Alliance in a press statement that “al-Jaafari met with Shaways yesterday, During the meeting, trading in outstanding issues between political parties, and discuss the problems that floated on the surface of the political process, and research More ways to find solutions to them from base to rely on the Constitution and democratic mechanisms. ”
It was al-Jaafari had received yesterday the head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Salman Jumaili leader and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi in the list.
According to a statement Information Office of the President of the National Alliance, “The two sides stressed during the meeting, the need for necessary reforms to address the problems that stand in front of advancing a political process,” noting that “the two sides also discussed taking into account the time factor in the development of effective solutions to the problems , taking into account the priorities in discussing outstanding issues between the parties, and work to restore the spirit of trust between the political parties to get out of the current crisis. ”
It is said that the leader of the National Alliance Shirwan Waili announced for ” Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network “, said the paper prepared by the reform bloc includes 70 items will be implemented in stages, according to the guarantees, noting that” the National Alliance seeks to gain the consent of the partners in the political process, particularly the Kurdistan Alliance and the list Iraq to complete the picture or the reform project. ”
For its part, promised an MP for the coalition of state law Huda carpets and paper reform “comprehensive” as it included the points that govern the relationship between central government and the provincial government and of the relationship between the provinces and the Government of the center.
added Carpets for “Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network,” that “the extensive dialogues conducted by the Negotiations Committee with the main blocs to develop a common view to achieve realistic results, re-move the political process and to the Parliament of the legislative and oversight role because we need to compromises the absence of consensus building, which stopped the wheel. ”
and called “the blocks to show flexibility and seriousness in dealing with the paper and the draft reform coalition,” adding that the meetings conducted by the Negotiations Committee Andjt reform paper that received consensus and agreement of political parties on the contents. ”
For his part, said Hassoun Fatlawi National Alliance MP for the paper that the reform is the “hub” meetings conducted by the Negotiations Committee, headed by Ibrahim al-Jaafari, with the political blocs.
Fatlawi pointed out that “The fundamental problems of the current dispute between the Government of the province and the center and the issue of the security ministries and authorities and the National Council for the strategic policies and to identify the states of presidencies.”
He continued: “The reform of the Commission intends to make way for the government and parliament to perform their duties in front of the people. ”
and yielded a meeting between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President of the House of Representatives last Friday Osama Najafi, an agreement on a quest to the adoption of important laws that serve the Iraqi people.
Observers believe that the meeting was the initiative of the President Minister and this means that the language of dialogue began to take its way and failed to achieve what it attempts to spark a crisis does not exist.
observers stressed that “this meeting is a sign of further meetings may take place in the coming days, especially as the paper reform that will put the National Alliance, won preliminary approvals from most of the parties. ”
He Fatlawi for “Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network”: that “the citizen and is counting on political figures who played a pivotal role prevented the aggravation of the crisis and the continued efforts and the efforts made by the activation of the initiatives for the success of the national project of the Alliance and conduct dialogue and debate between the blocks to find ways to end the problem. ”
Fatlawi predicted that “the claim of the Negotiations Committee during the next couple of days fruits of efforts and meetings conducted by the with leaders of the blocks. “As MP for the Liberal bloc Joseph Tai has pointed out that the” paper of political reform have emerged since the first moment thought the leader of Sadr Muqtada al-Sadr. “said Tai’s” Brief Center for Media Network Iraqi, “that” there are many visions and key points included in the reform paper and you need to translate on the ground and effectively and this is done through consensus because it has become a paper for the reform of its data destruction and includes aspects of the state of social and economic and all legal. “and pointed out that” the basic items included in the paper, mostly related to the reform of services and management of state institutions and to address administrative corruption and unemployment, file processing and the adoption of mechanisms to ensure citizen of the good life. ”
Source: alsabaah