Syrian dissident Ambassador admits sending terrorists to Iraq to fight U.S. forces

Syrian dissident Ambassador admits sending terrorists to Iraq to fight U.S. forces


Palm – confessed to the Syrian ambassador dissident Nawaf al-Fares that helped the system of his country to send units jihadist to Iraq to fight U.S. forces during the years that followed the invasion and the overthrow of President Saddam Hussein in 2003. said Knight, who last week announced his defection as an ambassador to Syria to Iraq, said in an interview with newspaper (the Sunday Telegraph) Sunday, “jihadi The units themselves embroiled in a series of suicide bombings in Syria and the attacks were carried out under the direct orders of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad,” he said, “the hope of putting the responsibility on the rebel movement.”

He added that the Syrian regime began to feel threatened after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and began planning to disrupt the U.S. forces in Iraq and form an alliance with al Qaeda, which encouraged all the Arabs and other foreigners to go to Iraq through Syria, facilitated by the government in Damascus.

He pointed to Knight that he had received verbal orders during his work as governor in that period to facilitate the task of any civil servant wants to go to Iraq, and believed that the Syrian regime tainted with blood and his hands should be blamed for many deaths in this country.

He said he personally knows many of the liaison officers in the Syrian government are still dealing with al Qaeda, and that the regime in Damascus wants to use it as a bargaining chip with the West, he put it on alone.

The knight, “that the Syrian regime tried at the beginning of the revolution to convince the people implementing the required reforms and the people lived on this hope, but it turns out after several months that the promises of reform were just lies, and the decision was made to split when he began committing massacres”, blaming the Syrian regime’s responsibility for suicide bombings, which affected government buildings and killed hundreds of people and left thousands injured, including the double bombing that targeted the military intelligence building in suburban Kazaz in Damascus in May / May this year, killing 55 people and injured 370 others duty due always.

“I know for sure that the explosion of double Kazaz did not hurt any element of security was hurt after he was evacuated the entire building 15 minutes before it happens All the victims were pedestrians, and the al-Qaeda committing all major bombings in cooperation with the Syrian security forces.”

The knight that the last time in which he spoke face to face with President Assad, “took place six months ago and asked him the time to use his influence in the province of Deir al-Zour (his hometown) to calm the situation and promised to upgrade if he did, and was asking us to insist that there is a conspiracy of the West, aimed at Syria. ”

The ambassador pointed out that the Syrian dissident decision was made to split five months ago and has been smuggled out of Iraq by the Syrian opposition, but he refused to give any details of the process.
Source: nakhelnews