Sustainable development in the south of Iraq is critical

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq , Martin Kobler during the past two days to visit several places in southern Iraq, where he met with local officials and officials to discuss the political and developmental issues affecting the region.

A statement of the mission of the United Nations to help Iraq (UNAMI) for Kuebler, he said: “Sustainable development in the south of Iraq is critical, especially environmental issues such as desertification, which occur serious consequences in the region as a whole. Should actors at the local level and internationally to work together to address these issues in a comprehensive manner. “

He met the Governor of Basra Kubler behind Abdul-Samad and heads of districts on Monday and discussed a number of issues, including political and economic situation in the province and health and environmental issues and youth issues and education.

The Kubler on his desire to touch a stronger role in maintaining the United Nations agencies, funds and programs that make up the UN Working Group in Iraq. At the end of the day he visited the site Kubler to remove the mines in the Rumaila Alinvzi.

According to the statement on Tuesday Kubler went to Umm Qasr, where he met with tribal leaders and exchange views with them on the situation in the border areas between Iraq and Kuwait.

He also visited the port and stressed the importance of economic development in the region.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 06:44