State Of Law: Al-Kazemi’s Government Set Iraq Back 20 Years

State Of Law: Al-Kazemi’s Government Set Iraq Back 20 Years

01/25/2022 | 3:55 PM

State Of Law - Al-Kazemis Government Set Iraq Back 20 YearsInformation / special

Today, Tuesday, the representative of the State of Law coalition, Muhammad Al-Sihoud, criticized the policy of Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s government, and while I consider that it set Iraq back 20 years, he pointed to its failure in various files, especially the security ones.

Chihod told the “Information” agency, that “the current government’s shortcomings are clear in all files, especially security,” noting that “the support provided to the security services is very shameful and is not commensurate with the size of the great and dangerous challenges facing the country.”

He added, “The political blocs currently bear a great responsibility to expedite the formation of a strong national government that can impose its hegemony and control over all Iraqi lands without the presence of any occupier, and to support the security services and the popular crowd.”

The representative of State of Law stated, “The Popular Mobilization and the security forces were able to put a real imprint and eliminate the terrorist ISIS in an unexpected short period,” stressing that “they are able once again to impose their control and achieve complete security and stability for Iraq.”

Chihod concluded by saying, “The current government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi has failed miserably in various files, and has set Iraq back in all fields, especially security, to more than 20 years.” Done/ 25 SR