Source: The Central Bank of Iraq freezes Fly Baghdad’s accounts in three major banks

Source: The Central Bank of Iraq freezes Fly Baghdad’s accounts in three major banks

2024-01-23 01:56

Source - The Central Bank of Iraq freezes Fly Baghdads accounts in three major banksShafaq News/ An informed source reported, on Tuesday, that the Central Bank of Iraq began freezing the accounts of the “Fly Baghdad” air transport company.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, “The bank froze the company’s accounts in three major banks in response to US Treasury sanctions,” without giving further details.

Yesterday, Monday, the US Treasury Department announced the inclusion of the Iraqi airline “Fly Baghdad” and its CEO, on the sanctions list, for providing assistance to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard “Quds Force” and its proxy groups in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.

The Treasury stated in a statement translated by Shafaq News Agency, “For several years, Fly Baghdad Company has supported the operations of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its agents by delivering equipment and personnel throughout the region.”

She added, “The company’s flights delivered arms shipments to Damascus International Airport in Syria, for transfer to members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the Quds Force and Iranian-allied militias on the ground in Syria, including the Syrian Arab Republican Guard, the Lebanese Hezbollah, and the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades.” “.

According to the US Treasury, the “Fly Baghdad” company delivered a group of weapons to these groups operating in Syria, including Iranian-made Fatah, Zulfiqar, and Al-Fajr missiles, in addition to AK-47 and RPG-7 rifles, grenades, and other machine guns.