Solve the problems of Baghdad and Erbil …. parliamentarians and experts are calling for the restructuring of the oil and the impact of “governance”


At a time ranging draft law of oil and gas between the federal government and the House of Representatives, calls for a number of deputies and experts in the field of oil and energy to the adoption of high-level plan for the governance of oil and oil quickly to end the problems between Baghdad and Erbil.   Other MPs, underlining that the licensing rounds, which resulted in contracts with foreign oil companies will not result in clear economic importance of Iraq.   The head of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Adnan al- janabi for ‘Twilight News’, the ‘governance of oil transactions need to restructure the work of the Ministry of Oil and away from administrative red tape’.   He explains that ‘in the articles of the Constitution one hundred and twelve regulates the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil, and that oil is the responsibility of everyone, without exception, and no right for anyone to monopolize the oil ‘.   It shows that ‘the problems between Baghdad and Erbil between the mixed economy, politics, and took a character and a common problem is complex , one of the most prominent obstacles to the normalization of relations between the two sides’.   In the context of the oil law was passed by the House of Representatives says MP Sabah al-Saadi, said that ‘Iraqwill work to pass laws do not conflict with the licensing rounds’.   He adds that ‘this is a clear flaw in the law of oil and energy, because I take a tour Alnrakhis of any clear economic importance to Iraq.   The relationship between Baghdad and Erbil between tainted Onah and other crises and punctuated by the exchange of statements and mutual accusations, recently arrived to a climax after the accusations made by the Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani to Baghdad and what he called the uniqueness of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s ruling and not to involve the other components in the government interoperability, formed his own initiative.   And spin most of the differences on the issues of oil and gas law and the application of Article one hundred and forty of the Constitution and the salaries of the Regional Guard forces (Al Po eshmr گ h) and a number of other issues, but that the issue of asylum Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, who is accused Baghdad of involvement in criminal cases and support for terrorism to the territory of Kurdistan and not handed over to Baghdad formed plus a cause of this crisis.   For his part, says oil expert Jassem dowry to the same site, the ‘governance of oil requires clarity of objectives and sustainable development for future generations and to work on the accountability of the government on the decision-making and performance, transparency and accuracy of the information . ‘   It is noteworthy to say that ‘the Iraqi government has not adopted any clear law regulating the work of oil and gas and the problems between Baghdad and Arbil are more clear by refusing to exclude Exxon Mobil from the fourth round of licensing. “   The Minister of Natural Resources in the provincial government drastically refuted, earlier, the Iraqi government charges on the production and export of oil and described with ‘empty’, declaring the commitment of Exxon Mobil contract concluded by them to explore for oil in the region , noting that ‘Baghdad’s comments on the freezing of Exxon Mobil entered into contracts with the region in the field of oil is not unfounded.’