Science and Technology released the name of Baghdad on the first plane manufactured by

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 16:29

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News /. Launched the Ministry of Science and Technology Name of Baghdad on the first plane without pilot made the march of Iraqis, and cost much less than for their counterparts manufactured outside the country.A source at the Ministry of Science and Technology Agency / Baghdadiya News /, Wednesday, that “the expert department of research and industrial development in the ministry was able to manufacture aircraft march drone carried the name of Baghdad, a work by radio and composed structure of cork, wood, aluminum and fiber glass.”

“The plane is designed to be able to carry out aerial reconnaissance near and the transfer of field information and monitoring of forests and wildlife in cases of natural disasters, accidents and it is equipped electronic work by an electric motor, and the process launched by hand or machine launching ground and use the terrestrial network to stop it in the process of landing “.

He pointed out that “the Center has conducted a test of air on the aircraft for three flights in a row for the purpose of checking stability, and maneuverability, speed and land safely, where the results were positive, as well as an experiment of aerial photography after you install a camera simple for her, but flight time was eight minutes and a distance of 15 km, as it is this plane The second model after the plane known as the Eagle march 1. “

The source explained that the cost of production of the plane (Baghdad) is much less than the cost of manufacturing companies in the world, especially as the materials used in industry structure based on wood, cork, fiberglass and aluminum, / End / 21.