Sadrist vows to “hell” if re-Maliki scenario 2008

Sadrist vows to “hell” if re-Maliki scenario 2008


Palm – escalated the war of words between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and al-Sadr as the Maliki accused al-Sadr to “the threat of the media”, and warned the Sadrists from the use of security agencies and state agencies in the liquidation of opponents and dissidents, warning that the re-Maliki scenario in 2008 will open the “Gate of Hell.” against him.

Despite the passage of nearly three months after the political crisis suffocating it the first time that warns them, “al-Sadr,” the possibility of the use of Maliki’s force against him, as is al-Maliki personally to comments by the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr against him, as signs to split Shia – Shia may re- scenario of the “Charge of the Knights,” which was carried out by al-Maliki against Sadr’s followers in 2008 in the south.

In response to the accusations of his chest to “muzzle the mouths and prevent the media is of him,” Maliki said in a statement yesterday that the practice of gagging is pursuing a method of intimidation against critics, especially the media and the rally atmosphere and inciting against them.

He should not defend the way certain media made the right judgments for violations related to the instigation and attack or other means and other channels just to disagree with, although not committed any violation of the law in reference to the government’s closure of the channel “Baghdadi” space.

Sadr, Maliki accused to “harness some of the media including being served in person and party,” and pointed out that the Prime Minister defends the channel direction may prevent channel Baghdadiya from working in Iraq, the former subsidiary and the second says the right, wondering: Where is that freedom? The chest that this so-called policy gagged, warning that if everyone went quiet will be the beginning of what is darker and more.

The number of supporters of al-Sadr demonstrated earlier this month near the headquarters of the channel “direction” space in the Arsat Indian central Baghdad, to protest the broadcast a report on the “Promised Day Brigade” armed wing “of al-Sadr,” and vowed to al-Maliki al-Sadr without naming him that he will stand firm against these authorities, stressing that the government is committed to defending freedom of expression and protect the media against any threat or exposed to excess.

Turn back the Secretary-General of the block free of the Sadrist movement Zia al-Asadi that any use by the government of the security services against opponents represents a return to policies of the authority of the Baath as described.

And whether al-Sadr feared implementation of Maliki’s new campaign against him as rumored, local media, said Diaa al-Asadi that the use of state agencies and capabilities in the liquidation of liabilities are political Baath Party, vowed al-Maliki said, if you dared to like this will open the door of hell against him.

He ruled out Asadi strongly some media leaks regarding the determination of al-Maliki to open old cases against al-Sadr and his arrest, saying that taking on this political suicide and stupid move does not offer them reasonable because the Sayyed al-Sadr has a balance of popular and huge hit, and the judiciary cleared him of charges that were attributed to him and renewed the rejection of al-Sadr’s political target, stressing that the project continues to withdraw confidence.

He denied knowledge of the agenda meeting of the National Alliance, but he stressed that al-Sadr is an integral part of the National Alliance and we are keen to participate in all meetings with maintaining our views on, pointing out that the line rib Egypt on his position in the reform and accountability at fault whatever, even though it is current.
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