Sadr says Maliki ordered the arrest of al-Haidari “to cancel the elections,” and a UN call for the application of law

14/04/2012 15:31

Erbil, April 14 (Rn) – accused the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr Saturday prime minister Nuri al-Maliki that it is an arrest warrant for President of the Electoral Commission Faraj al-Haidari and a member of the Board of Commissioners Karim al-Tamimi in the context of his quest “to cancel or postpone the elections.” and to stop al-Haidari and al-Tamimi in the context of the case back the entire to 2008 when it was to authorize the Board of Commissioners awarded bonuses worth 100 thousand Iraqi dinars for about… five people in the real estate registration Bayaa district in Baghdad. He denies Moqovan any relevance in corruption. This case led to the questioning of al-Haidari several times in the House of Representatives, but the coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki failed to withdraw confidence from the Electoral Commission in July last while giving the House of Representatives confidence again. called the Kurdistan region of Iraq in a statement issued by the presidency for the release of al-Haidari, saying the move threatens the political process in the country. Sadr said in his response to a question by one of his supporters on the arrest of al-Haidari said, “The matter of this arrest was by the Prime Minister Maliki in particular.” said al-Sadr in his reply, published sites belonging to his movement that “the reason for arrest requires evidence, and that the arrest … a great disaster and the bias is clear.” and accused the Kurds along the Iraqi coalition and other groups, including the Sadrists, Maliki pursuing a dictatorship and autocracy by undermining the work of independent institutions and linked its policies directly, including the Electoral Commission and the judiciary and the Bank Central. He added that the arrest of Sadr al-Haidari “should be under penalty of law, not under the yoke of dictatorship” in reference to al-Maliki. He also said the arrest step in the interest of al-Maliki. “And as I think he (Prime Minister) seeks to postpone or cancel the elections, watch out.” says the presidency of Kurdistan that the arrest of al-Haidari and al-Tamimi, “aimed at the independence of the Election Commission and is intended to abort the democratic process through the control of the institution of independent means the conduct of the electoral process in the country.” and formed the Electoral Commission for elections, headed by Faraj al-Haidari after the elections that took place in 2005 after the termination of the previous board. and supervised the election commission on all the polling that has gripped Iraq after the overthrow of the former regime and participated in the activities of electoral states several. to that called for the United Nations Mission working in Iraq, said in a statement to the application of legal proceedings against al-Haidari and Tamimi in reference to the need not to politicize the issue.   was al-Haidari, told (Rn) of the place of detention at the center of investigations into the Integrity Commission in Baghdad recently that the decision to arrest the result of actions malicious for the Vice-Hanan al. and Fatlawi Deputy for a coalition of state law to Maliki made ​​a motion to question al-Haidari and other members of the House of Representatives last summer. Open: Murtaza Yousuf