Russian Envoy: We have evidence of the United States’ intention to withdraw its forces from Iraq

Russian Envoy: We have evidence of the United States’ intention to withdraw its forces from Iraq


Russian Envoy - We have evidence of the United States intention to withdraw its forces from IraqInformation/translation…
The Russian envoy to Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, confirmed that Russia has evidence that the United States announced its readiness to begin withdrawing its military forces from Iraq, indicating that the only country from which the Americans quickly withdrew was Afghanistan.

In a report translated by the “Maalouma” agency, the Russian TASS agency quoted Lavrentiev as saying after the 21st international meeting on Syria on the Astana platform, “As far as we know, the American side has announced its readiness to meet Iraq’s demands and begin withdrawing the American military unit. However, it is difficult to judge the situation.” “How realistic this is, and this process may continue for a long time, even years.”

He added, “The Americans, as you see in many countries, enter very easily, regardless of the opinion of the leaders of some countries, ostensibly to fight terrorism, and this is a very modern pretext, but exit is much more difficult.”

He stated that “the only country from which American forces withdrew quickly was Afghanistan due to physical threats to representatives of the Rapid Intervention Forces present there, as they were forced to leave there in almost a short time, in coordination with the Taliban.”

He explained, “In all likelihood, the same thing may happen on the territory of Iraq, and on the territory of Syria. Whenever we contact our Kurdish colleagues, we always tell them that it is necessary to negotiate, and it is necessary to stay in contact with the central government.”

Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani had previously stated that “the justifications for the existence of the international coalition have been exhausted, and that Baghdad intends to take concrete steps to end the foreign military presence in the country.”