Rally calling for the interrogation of al-Maliki before the withdrawal of his confidence

A political rally calling for the interrogation of al-Maliki before the withdrawal of his confidence

09/06/2012 15:23

Baghdad, June 9 (Rn) – The union of political forces and national figures in Iraq, which is headed by the leader of the National Alliance, Ahmed Chalabi, the Sabbath, to question Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the House of Representatives before proceeding with the process of withdrawal of confidence with him, pointing out that what leads the questioning would be binding for all parties. and pass the country’s most difficult political crisis after the U.S. withdrawal of military is highly of three blocks president is the Sadrists and the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance’s decision to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki. as indicating informed political sources that the fear of the decision to withdraw confidence from the current government has pulled out the other posts Kalmderan two years in all ministries on the grounds that their appointment and continue to work depends on Bhetwavqat political. A spokesman for Union success Sumaisem news conference in Baghdad that “the process of withdrawal of confidence from the government is the process of constitutional civilized guaranteed by the Constitution and reject does not believe in democracy,” adding that “it must be be accompanied by reasons for convincing the importance of providing the atmosphere and the conditions that guarantee the existence of reform. ” is held today in the province of Nineveh meeting anticipated the Iraqi list and representatives from the Kurdistan Alliance and the Sadrists, while suggesting parliamentary sources (Rn) that “the meeting comes to confirm the positions of leaders of political blocs consistent on the need to correct the political process in the country. ” and said the Liberal block the parliamentary one of the parties participating in the meetings and discussions, which aims to withdraw confidence from the government today that it has “pending a request to the House of Representatives to convene an emergency session and asked to withdraw confidence from the government.” said Sumaisem that ” union of political forces and national figures in Iraq, and despite recorded by the negative aspects of many on the management of affairs of the country, believes that the style of the process of withdrawal of confidence from the government is incorrect and in line with the democratic system being plotted behind the scenes and away from the House of Representatives, which has been reducing it to a number of people. ” He said, “if it continued conflict between the political blocs, the process of questioning the prime minister in parliament is the solution Constitutional most successful in terms of uncovering the facts on which will decide the House of Representatives Go to the withdrawal of confidence or not, not in front of everyone but accept the result.” and announced in May past the formation of the Union forces and political figures, led by Prime National Congress Ahmed Chalabi to run in upcoming elections in the country, featuring the bloc a number of political figures and heads of parties, some of them participated in the previous legislative elections have not won any seats. Since the formation of the current government wrestled the Iraqi List, with a list of coalition rule Law on the overall political issues, but increased the differences is the entry of the Kurds on the line of political crisis and split the Sadrists for his for the National Alliance. He has called in a press statement all political parties to discuss all the problems the country’s political in the context of the national meeting. and national meeting one solution adopted by President Jalal Talabani, more than three months out of the political crisis, but political parties notably the Iraqi List, refused to attend to him. From: Yazan al-Shammari, the Open: Joseph Karwan

Source: aknews