Quality Control: customs tariff flexible and variable

BAGHDAD / JD / .. 
The Central Agency for Standardization and quality control that the system of customs tariff to be applied is one of the systems flexible and not rigid, noting that the system will protect the product and the consumer at the same time. The head of the device, Saad Abdul-Wahab / a JD /: The new system is characterized by flexibility in dealing with imported goods based on several considerations and variables fall under the rule (When and how much Iraq needs)? He explained that they would be taken into account the seasonal need for imported goods, the value of any customs tariff will be determined by the availability of the material in the local market or manufactured locally, indicating the possibility of a discrepancy between the relative values ​​of taxes to be imposed on goods based on the need for it. Abdul Wahab pointed if we assume that Iraq produced large quantities of cement, then the tax would be relatively high in order to protect local product, even if the need arises to supply Iraq with large quantities of it, then we will resort to a reduction or abolition of fees in full. He said that fees will be raised if the value of vegetables available in summer and reduced winter and so on. He said the flexibility of the new system will contribute to the reduction of prices is expected if the imposition of fees and works to protect the national product meaning it will protect the consumer and the producer at the same time. The Ministry of Finance has identified the first of next June, the date for the imposition of customs tariff duties on goods entering Iraq, which has been delayed by work in the previous period due to the absence of mechanisms of action and high commodity prices in the Iraqi market. Ended / 20