Pyongyang: American nuclear versus our nuclear weapons

Pyongyang: American nuclear versus our nuclear weapons


Pyongyang: American nuclear versus our nuclear weaponsPalm – North Korea urged the United States on Tuesday to take drastic action to end the state of the nuclear conflict on the Korean peninsula, and stressed that she will not give up its nuclear program unless Washington a similar step.

And published news agency South Korean, “Yonhap”, which monitors media north, excerpts from the editorial of the newspaper “Rodong Sinmun” a spokeswoman for the ruling party in Pyongyang, in which he said that Washington is responsible for the current crisis so it shall first step to solve it.

She added that the assumptions that Pyongyang wants to use its nuclear capability as a bargaining chip in negotiations based on ignorance of the truth to the country’s intentions. She said: “What the United States did not abandon its nuclear weapons, will not abandon our nuclear capacity.”

The editorial added: “Our position (of the nuclear issue) is to end the threatening tactics practiced by the United States and its followers and use it as a tool to win the war of national unification,” noting that nuclear power is “the ultimate choice” for the people and the army in North Korea.

Observers said in Seoul: These comments are another indication that Pyongyang has no plans to abandon its nuclear weapons program.