Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki: Iraq today has full sovereignty and independence and qualifications of all will

25/02/2012 16:46

Said Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki that Iraq today has full sovereignt and all the qualifications of independence and will, and that this has been achieved thanks to the awareness of Iraqis and bearing of responsibility. 
This came during the sovereignty of his office today, the official delegation from the Iraqi group for Strategic Studies. 
Mr. Prime Minister: can not be freeze the position of Arab Iraq, regional and international levels in order to solve a particular problem, because it does not have today any country is free of problems, and internal problems can be solved within the national framework. 
He added: We have put all the introductions and the preparations necessary to convene the summit, has informed us that the Arab League that everyone will attend in Summit of Baghdad, and there will be well attended at the level of leaders and presidents. 
He called on Prime Minister Iraqi group for Strategic Studies, to take their national role and effective in the context of the Arab summit in Baghdad, and to make positive atmosphere appropriate move through the research centers and initiatives successful support this topic. 
He said: The convening of the Arab summit conference in Baghdad is a significant milestone in the history of Iraq, to which we aspire to be distinctive, to the highest levels. 
and the price of Mr. Prime Minister, the efforts of the Iraqi Strategic Studies, and all the intellectuals for their performance of special and move self for Iraq and the achievement of the national interest, asserting that this role represents the position of the true intellectuals of Iraq when carrying out its responsibility of national. 
For their part, assured the members of the delegation of the Iraqi Strategic Studies that the success of the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad, the responsibility borne by all, and they have prepared a program and committees and workshops for the advancement of this task, through political action, media, and standardization of media discourse in the Summit, and all that willenhance the success of this conference.