Presidency of the Republic confirms to hold national meeting next Thursday

31/03/2012 13:14

Baghdad, March 31 (Rn) – The president of Iraq, Saturday, at the national meeting of Iraqi political forces still in place and will be… held next Thursday. He was President Jalal Talabani has identified last week, the fifth of April as a date to hold a national conference. revealed Alliance National on Friday for semi-agreement on the first draft of the paper the National Conference to be held on the fifth of next month at the time said the Iraqi List, it has not determined its position to participate or not in the national conference. and holds a small committee made ​​up of four members grew out of the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference sets restructuring of the agenda of the National Conference to be held later. The head of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Iraq Naseer al-Ani told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “the National Congress for the Iraqi political forces will be held next Thursday,” noting that “the appointment to take place is still there.” and on the meetings of the Preparatory Committee explained Ani “The Preparatory Committee for the National Conference held continuous meetings without the need for an invitation from the President of the Republic, Jalal Talabani, to hold a meeting.”The meetings of the Preparatory Committee, which includes 12 representatives of the political blocs after the reverse of the Iraqi List’s decision to boycott the government and the House of Representatives last month.  The country has witnessed tension political accompanied by security breaches days after the departure of U.S. forces in December 18 last December under the security agreement signed between the two countries. and broke the political crisis between the coalition and Iraqi rule of law against the backdrop of the issuance of an arrest warrant for Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, a leader in the Iraqi List, for his support ” terrorism, “which was rejected by the latter, who described the judiciary as” politicized. ” In spite of the insistence of the Iraqi National List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, the need to hold a national conference before the Arab Summit, with the possibility to keep it open until after the Arab summit that touched annually seriousness of other parties, but that the National Alliance refused to do so. From: Haidar Ibrahim, RN peace Baghdadi