Presidency of the Kurdistan Region respond to Nuri al-Maliki’s remarks

Presidency of the Kurdistan Region respond to Nuri al-Maliki’s remarks


Roudao – Erbil

Presidency of the Kurdistan Region respond to Nuri al-Malikis remarksreceived the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region Nuri al – Maliki ‘s remarks, which affect the rights of the people of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Region President, considering that these statements do not deserve attention because it is an election propaganda.

The rejection of the official spokesman for the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, Omid morning, in a statement seen by Roudao network media, former Prime Minister Nuri al – Maliki ‘s remarks, calling them propaganda for himself before the elections, and these statements , whether to him or those with him do not care about it, because it’s not worth it.

The statement added, “We do not know how can someone came with all these problems, disasters and terrorism to Iraq, not to be ashamed of himself speaking, he had to end his life because of what happened to the country, or at least hide himself from the eyes of the Iraqi people, he was the person who on Iraq to the largest corrupt country in the world, and around him also into a sectarian country and killed during his rule hundreds of Iraqis , whether they are educated or sons of Sunni Islam, and he is a person who does not know to fulfill his promise or Baamadah, and ready to succeed his promise simply, he is quite a person for virility and humanity. ”

He continued, “We ask al – Maliki, what made Iraq? Is five hundred billion dollars , which was your hand, and spent half of the looting and corruption issues, and the other half was to destroy Iraq.”

She noted the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region , according to the statement, “This person has exceeded threatened in his remarks the people of Kurdistan, and tell him from here, this is the arena and try it for yourself that you want it, you may try a lot of enemies themselves against the will of the people of Kurdistan, but they failed that they get them. ”

The statement said, “The Iraqi constitution has stressed clearly that the commitment to the Constitution is the requirement for Iraq to remain united, and Maliki has exceeded the constitution in the black mandate, if it respects the Constitution and the rights of citizens because we were passing all of these crises and disasters that befell us, so do not those who bypass the Constitution, to talk about the constitution or to deny it. ”

Abizaid and the statement, “The independence of the Kurdistan Region is one of the Kurdish people ‘s rights, and you are not in that place that allows you to talk about this, and you have to know very well that Kurdistan and all Kurdish parties have a voice and one position in front of this independence, and if you’re happy with the positions of some blind will, make sure that your place and place of the Kurds who follow you will be in the dustbin of history. ”