Postponing the implementation of customs tariffs for the fourth time

Economic Committee Member: Postponing the implementation of customs tariffs for the fourth time “if negative” on the government to circumvent it

I consider a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary bloc MP for the Liberal of the Sadrist movement Abdul-Hussein al-Husseini Resan to postpone the application of customs tariffs for the fourth time, “the case of a negative,” the government to pay attention to it.

Husseini said, according to a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that “citizens need to be patient at the beginning of the application of this law with respect to government action or executive, adding that in future people can to reap the fruits and positives of the application of this law.”

He added that “it is called for postponement of the application of customs tariff have justification, but as the delay latter is the fourth of its kind for this law, the justifications are not active are acceptable, noting that if this delay is the first we were able to hear excuses and try to address them, either the fourth with the presence of the same justifications are regarded as negative if the government should pay attention to be addressed in earnest.

The Ministry of Finance has revealed that the main reason behind the request to postpone a law customs tariff is due to the lack of specialized staff to monitor the entry of goods, stressing that it takes a full year to end the rehabilitation project and the preparation of the cadres.