Polls “deny” Biden from winning the US presidency!

Polls “deny” Biden from winning the US presidency!


Polls deny Biden from winning the US presidencyA website that collects the results of public opinion polls “deprived” the Democratic candidate in the US presidential election, Joe Biden, from winning, by excluding 20 electoral college votes that he won.

Although the largest American media confirmed Biden’s victory in the election, RealClearPolitics now rates the level of support for the Democratic candidate among members of the electoral college at 259 votes, compared to 214 votes for Republican President Donald Trump, while the winning candidate needs the support of 270 out of the 538 assembly members.

This comes as a result of the site counting the votes of the 20 members of Pennsylvania from the votes that Biden was able to secure in the electoral college.

Pennsylvania was among the states in which Trump’s campaign has filed lawsuits over ballot counting, accusing the president’s Democratic opponents of manipulating the voting results with fake ballot papers.