Politician Describes Recent Government Decisions As “Laughable”

Politician Describes Recent Government Decisions As “Laughable”

03/09/2022 | 6:49 PM

Politician Describes Recent Government Decisions As LaughableInformation / Sulaymaniyah..

On Wednesday, political analyst Muhammad al-Baghdadi described the government’s decisions to confront the price hike crisis as “laughable.”

Al-Baghdadi said in an interview with the “Information” agency: “We are now facing a horrific scene that is no less horrific than the high exchange rate and the threat to the simple citizen of his livelihood.”

He added, “It is necessary to correct the economic path and the livelihood of the Iraqis, and to move away from the wrong policies from which the Iraqis did not earn their living, the army of the unemployed and the rampant corruption.”

He pointed out that “the expired government is not able to put in place effective solutions for the people, and it is shameful for it to grant citizens for one time the amount of 100,000 dinars in light of the fact that prices have reached the extremes of the high levels of oil, which is on the rise, reaching, according to the estimates of economic experts, to the eight thousand if it is not stopped. The beast of powerful merchants backed by whales of corruption.”

The country’s cities are witnessing an unprecedented rise in prices, while citizens criticized the government’s measures to confront the crisis