Parliamentary…sent two proposals to the Ministry of Finance on the application of tariff law

Parliamentary committee sent two proposals to the Ministry of Finance on the application of tariff law

05/06/2012 13:57

Baghdad, June 5 (Rn) – The Finance Committee representative, on Tuesday, had sent two proposals to the Iraqi Ministry of Finance of the Federal on the application of tariff law at the time confirmed that the application of the law will equip Iraq to enter the World Trade Organization. A member of the Committee Haitham al-Jubouri told the Kurdish News (Rn) that “the application of tariff law is one of the elements of a state economic as a condition for entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) and that from one of the conditions of application of the law of customs tariff as well as the protection of national products.” He Jubouri that “we have proposed in the form of customs and the Ministry of Finance Mguetrhieddin through the issuance of instructions to the law of which direction the first is to exempt tax for certain goods task within my need food or clothing, “noting that” the second proposal is the application of ascending and progressive for goods other that are not of interest to poor families. ” and noted that “if the application of these Almguetrhieddin There will be control of the Iraqi market and the reduction of the inflation. ” The Ministry of Finance has decided last March about starting the application of tariff end of June next after that for the last year to more than once. and activate the tariff law the new is to cancel the old law issue by the Governor civil administrator of Iraq after 2003, Paul Bremer, which provides for the payment of 5% tax on all goods imported from outside the country of: weigh-Shammari, Salam Igdada

Source: aknews