Parliamentary economy: No plan to control inflation in the case of salary increase

Parliamentary economy: No plan to control inflation in the case of salary increase

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 09:57

Iraqi Dinar[Baghdad – where]

Said a member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Mahma Khalil for the lack of a coherent plan to control inflation in the markets, in the case of salary increase.

Added Khalil told all of Iraq [where] that “if the salary increase this will certainly increase prices and get inflation in the domestic market, so you should click on the sites economy, the other can work to build a new Iraqi economy so that it can maintain exports and imports.”

“The economics and politics, one complements the other, but the political situation overshadowed the rest of the economic aspects, including investment, agricultural, and other . ”

He noted that “the political crisis that the country is economically stable and its effects became clear Alaqsad Iraq.”

The representative of the religious authority Ahmed Safi called in a Friday sermon to put a development plan for the advancement of the economic reality of Iraq and not to rely only on oil imports. Safi said that the industries in Iraq nearly dead and there is a tremendous amount of factories shut down, and occupies an area of ​​land and do not benefit them not government institutions dealt with the issue, or the private sector, his ability to do so, as well as the agricultural side where the problem does not talk about the growing season or the Ministry alone, indicating that “economic growth needs to look stakeholders and hear that Iraq will be in the coming years to improve but do not want to live in a fantasy world even though we have so material to make it happen because the generations after us will come tell us what you did for its completion.”

The economists have warned of Iraq’s economy at risk due to its dependence on oil revenues alone, and that leads to the continued deterioration of the security paralyzed the economy and declining investment.

The Iraqi government announced in September 2013 for the past five-year plan to diversify the economy and develop the industrial sector, rather than relying on the proceeds of crude oil only, and focus on the industry. Ended 2.